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Attuned Translations - Ideas That Resonate

Welcome to Attuned Translations. We offer a professional, efficient, and reliable translation service from Spanish into English. All of our translators are graduates in both Spanish and English, in literary, linguistic and translation studies, and have many years of translation experience. We have a passion for language and translation, and we specialise in the following areas where a high standard of accuracy and creativity is required:

Interactive media - Translation and voicing of audio guides, Web Walkthrough Demos, audio content for internet accessibility and website optimization, automated answering services, and public announcement systems, etc.

Cinema & TV - Transcription and translation of scripts for subtitling.

Literature - Creative translation services for the publishing and editorial sectors in addition to recording of audio books.

Advertising - Conceptual linguistic adaptation and translation of commercials and advertisements for a range of media including audio, video and print.

Education - Translation and recording of learning resources (e-learning).

Academic - Translation of academic journals and articles for universities and independent journals.

Technical - Translation of technical texts in the fields of Information Technology and Agriculture using the latest terminology relevant to both sectors.

Given our area of expertise, the final translated text has not only got to be precise and practical, it also needs to strike a chord with the reader. Unfortunately, many translations turn out to be pale shadows of the original text; by translating literally, they fail to encapsulate the essence of the idea being communicated. In contrast, our ethos revolves around reading between the lines and interpreting the work as a whole, sifting through its multiple nuances so as to find the best way of getting the idea across to the person who reads or listens to the finished product. Our translations are imbued with energy and creativity, striving to remain as faithful as possible to the Spanish text, while taking into account the subtle differences in structure and vocabulary demanded by an effective rendering of that text in English.

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